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Dogar Rahbare Interview

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Dogar Rahbare Interview

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  • General Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Subject Knowledge
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Research Context

  • You refer to ... as a key influence on your research - can you summarise the particular relevance of their work?
  • What developments have there been in this field since you began your doctorate? How have these changed the research context in which you are working?
  • You make only passing reference to the field of ... why do you think that field is less relevant than the others you have given more space to?
  • You do not say much about the ... theory in your thesis - can you explain why you have not focused more on that?

Research Methods

  • How well did the study design work in practice?
  • Did you have any problems with the data collection process?
  • You used an existing research method and developed it further - can you tell us why this further development was needed?
  • What were the main ethical issues of conducting this research?
  • How did you establish the limits around the scope of your data collection?