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The Federal Board of Revenue, formerly known as the Central Board of Revenue, is a federal law enforcement agency of Pakistan that investigates tax crimes, suspicious accumulation of wealth, and money-laundering.

About FBR

FBR is a semi-autonomous federal agency of Pakistan that is responsible for enforcing fiscal laws and collecting revenue for the government of Pakistan. FBR has the responsibility for (i) formulation and administration of fiscal policies, (ii) levy and collection of federal duties, taxes, and other levies, and (iii) quasi-judicial function of deciding taxation cases and appeals. FBR primarily operates through its main collection arms comprising Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) and Large Taxpayer Units (BTUs) across the country. FBR has two major wings: the Inland Revenue & Customs. The Inland Revenue Service (formerly known as Income Tax Department) administers domestic taxation including Sales Tax, Income Tax, and Federal Excise Duties, and is the main component of FBR. The Pakistan Customs Service administers import duties and other taxes collected at the import stage as well as regulates international trade with regard to prohibitions & restrictions imposed by the government. For the purpose of collection of revenue and pursuing tax evaders, FBR's powers & functions also include but are not limited to: carrying out inquiries and audits/investigations into the tax affairs, commanding arrests, attachment as well as a public auction of movable and immovable assets of a non-compliant.

Dogar General Knowledge Objective MCQ’S

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Dogar General Knowledge Objective MCQ'S

General Knowledge Mcqs consists of World Geography, Atmosphere, Science, Current Affairs Mcqs, Science & Literature, Pakistan Affairs Mcqs, and International Organizations. Many books and notes about G.K MCQs for PPSC, NTS, NTS Educators, FPSC, CSS, interviews, and other competitive exams are available in PDF format. Book Quality:
  • Category: Education Book, General Knowledge
  • Edition:  OCT 2020
  • Pages: 695
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  • Book Quality: Paperback